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Getting Him Back

A Smart Girls Guide to Winning Back Your Guy

By Tina Kells

A New Love

You want him back but now he’s with somebody new, what’s a girl to do? First you need to examine why you suddenly want him back. Is it just because he’s moved on? If so, back off and move on yourself. Wanting somebody you can no longer have is unhealthy. Wanting somebody because you once had them and now they are with somebody else is just plain selfish and mean. If you really loved him you’d want him to be happy… with or without you. If competitiveness is not your motive then you are stepping in something much more complex, and be warned that it won’t be an easy time trying to rekindle romance when he’s trying to start anew. Do you want him back because you miss him and know you made a mistake? Does he send out signals that he misses you too despite his new relationship? The ‘right and wrong’ factor gets blurred when you know he still has feelings for you and that he is using the new relationship to get over you. It is unfair for him to use another person to let go of his feelings for you. It is unfair to him, it is unfair to her and it is unfair to you. The only time it is OK to mess with a new relationship is when you know it is a sham, a part of a game, and/or a mistake. This is a hard call to make. After all how can you ever know what is really in another person’s heart? There is only one way to know, you have to ask. Contact him, put your heart on the line and ask. He may not be truthful but you absolutely must go with what he says and not what you feel. If he admits to having feelings for you move forward with our ‘Win Him Back Tips’, if he tells you he’s let go then you must do the same.

Winning Him Back Essentials

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