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Why does he say sweet things to me one day only to act the opposite the next?


Question: Why does he say sweet things to me one day only to act the opposite the next?

Answer: He’s confused, that is all there is to it. When guys go schizo it is because they aren’t really sure what they want from you they just know they want you in their life. I know it isn’t fair but some guys are slow to come around and when they play the “come here, come here, come here… go away, go away, go away” game it is usually because they just don’t know what they want beyond knowing you. A guy who acts this way does like you, he just isn’t sure how much he likes you or how he wants it to play out, so he does what it takes to keep you around and then pushes you away if you get closer than he is ready for you to be. There is nothing you can do to push a guy who is stuck in this rut in to a relationship. All you can do is wait and be aware of where he is coming from. You can play it cool or come on strong and the result will be the same because the indecision he is dealing with has absolutely nothing to do with you, it is all inside of him. Your best bet is to be around but to live your life as if you have no real romantic prospects. Don’t close your heart to other guys until Mr. I-don’t-know-what-I-want gets his act together and gives you something solid to build on. Do not wait! Do not play games. He’ll come around when he is ready and if you meet somebody less confused in the meantime that’s really his loss isn’t it?

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