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Your Changing Body - Puberty

Get help dealing with all the changes that puberty brings.
Acne Causes & Treatments
A look at the many acne fighting products on the market; from essential oils, to all natural treatments to medicated products. We help you decide which products will work best for you and then list our favorites in 12 different categories.
Body Hair Removal
If you have reached puberty, body hair is a fact of life. Find out why we grow hair on our body, what is "normal", and the many ways that it can be removed.
The Scoop on Sweat and Body Odor
You smell differently these days than you did a few years ago, and sometimes you can be downright rank, right? What's to blame for all this smelliness? Find out the facts.
Braces: Is it Time to Go Straight?
The facts about braces; why do you need them, what do they do, how you can cope... and more!
Time to Get Fit
North American's are chronically "under-fit" and it is time that we all shaped up. Getting fit will increase your energy level, make your complexion glow, keep illness at bay, keep your mind sharp and yes, even make your clothes fit better.
Delayed Puberty
While puberty tends to occur during the eraly teen years, there are cases of "late bloomers", people who don't enter puberty until later in their teen years. This is called delayed puberty and it is all explained in this article for teens from kidshealth.org.
Personal Hygiene for Teens
A ThinkQuest site. A look at the importance of hygiene and cleanliness during puberty.
Healthy Eating for Teens
No doubt, your body is changing and this means that your lifestyle should too. the changes in your body call for a change in diet as well, here's why.
Signs That Puberty Has Started
From SIECUS. A description of the many signs that puberty has started and what they can mean to your feelings and self understanding.
Stages of Puberty for Girls
A look at the 5 stages of puberty for girls. What to expect and how to cope. From Puberty 101.
Stages of Puberty for Guys
A look at the 5 stages of puberty for guys. What to expect and how to cope. From Puberty 101.
Puberty Information for Guys & Girls
A somewhat long, but very good, explanation of what is going on in your body as it goes through puberty. From the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Teenagers & Puberty
From the Net Doctor. A medical explanation of puberty in easy to understand language. Great explanation of a very confusing process.
Puberty as Right of Passage
From Earth Spirit. A new perspective on puberty that says it is something to be celebrated not feared.
Puberty: A Beginners Guide
All sorts of information on the changes your body is going through and the ways it is going to change. Good for guys and girls. From I Wanna Know.
Everything You Want to Know About Puberty
Simple to understand explanations about what puberty does and doesn't do and what is "normal". From KidsHealth.org

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