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Self-Esteem & Confidence

Stop feeling insecure and embarrassed about yourself! Instead, learn how to be more confident, improve your self-esteem and overcome shyness.
The Teen Guide to Feeling Good About Yourself
Self-esteem and confidence can go a long way during your teenage years and beyond. Unfortunately, a lot of teens struggle with self-doubt, worries about their appearance and low self-esteem. Learn what self-esteem and confidence are and how to start building them.
Teens and Body Image
What is body image, and why is it such a difficult issue for teens? Learn what body image is, signs of body image problems, and how to improve your body image.
I feel unattractive because I wear glasses. What can I do?
Read a teen reader's question about not feeling attractive and get tips on how teens can boost their confidence and feel good about their appearance.
Self-Esteem, Self-Image and Confidence
You may have heard the words "self-esteem," "self-image" and "self confidence" before, but do you know what they mean -- really? More importantly, do you have enough of them? Read on to learn more about self-esteem, self-image and confidence and why they're so important.
How To Build Your Self-Esteem
Feeling good about who you are -- that is, having a healthy amount of self-esteem and self-confidence -- is one of those things that will help make your life happier and more successful. Here are some helpful tips on how to build self-esteem.
How To Make a Good First Impression
Learn how to make a good first impression, an essential tool for making new friends, getting dates, and going on job interviews.
Are You Singing The Low Self-Esteem Blues?
Are you constantly worried or angry about not feeling "good enough"? You may have low self-esteem. Learn more about how to recognize low self-esteem on About's Bipolar Disorder site.
A Positive Image: Self-Esteem
What is self-esteem and why is it so important for teens? Get the scoop from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.
Fast Facts About The Media's Effects on Body Image
Get facts about the media's effects on body image from the University of Washington's Teen Health and the Media project.
How To Be Confident: Tips From wikiHow
Wondering how to boost your confidence? Check out this great list of pointers at wikiHow.com.
Teens in Crisis: Cutting on the Rise
There's a cutting epidemic going on among American teens. Why? The answer has to do with depression, anxiety and self-esteem. Read more at Discovery Health's Teen Center.

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