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Finding the facts about sex, and getting sex advice you can trust, can be tricky for teenagers. Check out this section to learn what you need to know about safe sex, STD's and birth control. Find out if you're ready for sex, and if you're not, learn how to say no.

What is Sex, Exactly?
Think "sex" only means one thing? Think again! The word "sex" encompasses a lot of different types of sexual activities. The definitions of the main ones are here, along with how risky they are.

What's Vaginal Sex?
Get answers to all your questions about vaginal sex in this sex information sheet.

10 Signs That You're Ready for Sex
Whether or not to have sex can be a confusing decision. Your parents, your teachers and all the other adults in your life tell you to stay far away from sex. But then everyone else makes it seem like it's no big deal. Who are you supposed to listen to? First of all, don't flip out. Having sex is a personal choice, and it's your choice alone. Not even your sweetie can make up your mind for y…

All About Oral Sex
Oral sex. Blow jobs. Giving head. Going down. Licking the love bunny. (OK, I made that last one up.) You've got questions about oral sex, and you deserve some straight answers. Find them here - and if you've still got questions, ask them in the Teen Advice forum or email me.

FAQ's About Masturbation
Got questions about masturbation? Well, no one can blame you for not wanting to run to your parents or teachers about it. Never fear - there's a good chance you'll find the answer you're looking for on this page. If you still have questions, you can ask them anonymously at the Teen Advice Forum .

Does Sex Hurt the First Time You Have It?
Is sex painful when you have it for the first time? Get the answer to whether or not sex hurts.

What's the Deal With Anal Sex?
A lot of you have been sending me questions about anal sex - what it is, how safe it is and how to have it. I've created this guide to help provide some answers.

What's Mutual Masturbation?
Find out what mutual masturbation is, and get answers to your most embarrassing questions about it.

Birth Control Methods for Teens
If you're going to have vaginal sex , I hope you already know what you're getting into - for instance, that there's a whole boatload of STDs you can catch (even if your partner swears that he or she is clean), and that if you're not careful, sex can lead to pregnancy (even if it's your first time, even if you're on your period, and even if the guy pulls out before he's finished). Knowing all tha

All About Teen Pregnancy

Your resource for articles and stories about teen pregnancy, from how to prevent it to how to cope with it.

Safe Sex 101
What is safe sex? If you're thinking about having sex, learning to protect yourself and your partner is a top priority. Here's a crash course in safe sex (also known as "safer sex"): what it is, how to do it and why it matters.

Stupid Reasons for Teenagers to Get Pregnant
4 reasons why teenage pregnancy is a dumb idea, brought to you by a girl who's seen an explosion of pregnant teenage girls at her high school.

What is Abstinence?
What is abstinence? You've probably heard the word "abstinence" on TV, in health class or from your parents, but people define it in lots of different ways. So, what does it really mean, and is it for you? Get advice and answers to these popular questions about sex from teens.

The Grossest Pregnancy Symptoms You Can Get
Are you a teen thinking about getting pregnant? You might want to reconsider after reading this list of the grossest pregnancy symptoms that pregnant women can get.

I Want a Baby, but I'm Only 18!
Want to be a teenage mom? Get advice about why you really should wait before you get pregnant.

How to Talk to Your Parents About Sex
Having "the talk" with your parents might be awkward, but research shows that teens who talk to their folks about sex are more likely to make smarter decisions about sex, like having it safely and with the right kinds of partners.

Sex: A Book for Teens
Book review of "Sex: A Book for Teens" by Nikol Hasler.

How to Have Sex
Some tips to help you have sex safely and responsibly.

Hooking Up - What You Think "Hooking Up" Means?
Share your definitions of "hook up," "hookup" and "hooking up."

What Does "Hook Up" Really Mean?
Defining "hook up," "hookup" and "hooking up."

How to Say NO to Sex
How to tell somebody you are attracted to that you aren't ready to have sex.

Before You Decide to Have Sex
Many teens make the mistake of giving into their urges without thinking things through. Sex is more than just a pleasurable act; it is a physical risk and an emotional gamble. Here we list eight things to consider before having sex.

Sex Essentials for Teens
For teens, the mere thought of sex can be overwhelming. There is so much to think about, so much to worry about, and so much that can go wrong. Whether you are sexually active or not, knowing the facts about what sex is, and what it is not, is very important.

5 Reasons Not to Fool Around with Him
A girl wants to know if she should continue making out with her crush, when all her friends are telling her to stop. Read some crush advice.

Your Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered
Silly or not some of these questions get asked so often that it makes us believe they are sincere. So, in keeping with our mission of keeping you informed and safe we have put together a list of the questions that have spooked us the most over the past 18 months with honest, to the point, no nonsense (and sarcasm free) answers.

Information Sheet on Oral Sex
The 10 things you need to know about oral sex.

Why is Sex Such a Big Deal?
We teach teens that sex is dangerous and shameful, that engaging in it requires extreme caution and that there is more harm than good to be found in doing it. Is this a fair portrayal of something that is a very basic part of being human? Yes and no.

Teenage Pregnancy Stories
Read teenage pregnancy stories, and share your own teenage pregnancy story.See submissions

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