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Sex, Abstinence & Birth Control

Important information about sex, abstinence, birth control, teen pregnancy and STDs.
Before You Decide to Have Sex
A list of things to do and consider before you have sex.
Why is sex such a big deal?
Why is sex such a big deal? Why do adults discourage teens from being sexually active?
8 Things You Must Know About Sex
Eight important things every teen must consider before becoming sexually active. From the emmotional aftermath to birth control and STD protection, we outline the most important things you need to know.
Sex Essentials for Teens
Whether you are sexually active or not, knowing the facts about what sex is, and what it is not, is very important. Teen Advice lists all the things teens should know about sex, including a "must have" checklist for sexually active teens.
Must Read Books on Teen Sexuality
We have picked out 10 books that help you understand all aspects of being sexually active; from birth control to age of consent laws, from the power of choosing abstinence to the reality of life as a teen parent, these books cover it all.
Let's Talk About Sex: The First Time
All you need to know about the first time, including how to talk to your parents and how to tell if you are as ready as you think.
QUIZ: Are you ready for sex?
A 45 question quiz that takes between 5 - 15 minutes to complete (depending on your internet connection speed) from About Teen Advice. Are you as ready for sex as you think you are? Are really ready for sex, or just under pressure to "give it up". Our quiz will give you some honest answers.
QUIZ: Are you a pregnancy waiting to happen?
When it comes to teens, sex, and unwanted pregnancy, what you don't know can hurt you. Are you at a high or low risk for getting pregnant? Take our quiz and find out.
QUIZ: Sex, do you know your stuff?
Since many teens do not feel comfortable discussing sex with their parents, family doctor, or another trustworthy adult they are more likely to learn their sex facts in the rumour mill. Take our quiz to see if you "know" sex fact or sex fiction.
Your FAQs about Sex & Pregnancy
Questions about pregnancy and pregnancy related issues flood the Teen Advice mailbox each week, so we decided to highlight 27 of the most common questions you ask in this Teen Life Q&A Special Feature.
Teen Sexuality: Learn by Playing Games
Looking for an easy way to learn about teen sexuality? Tired of boring and confusing clinical explanations? Visit the new interactive games at Planned Parenthood and have some fun while learning about your emerging sexuality.
At what age is it legal to have sex?
A look at the age of consent as it applies to teen sex; are you having sex legally?
Getting Pregnant: Fact and Fiction
Separating fact from fiction can be tricky, so here are a few of the more prevalent myths about pregnancy and the truth behind these tales.
Sex and Alcohol: Some Sobering Thoughts
Important facts about the relationship between sex and alcohol that every teen should know. Brought to you by Teenwire and About Teen Advice.
How to French Kiss
A step by step description of the art of French Kissing from the Teen Advice Guide.
How to Know if You're Ready for Sex
Are you ready for sex? Let our step by step how to help you decide.
When is Virginity Gone?
Redefining Virginity for a new millenium. What does it mean to be a virgin? How do you define sex? What counts as "losing it"? A discussion and opinion.
Sex Laws: What is the Age of Consent?
A look at the age of consent as it applies to teen sex - are you having sex legally? Includes a state by state chart of the age of consent and description of "illegal" activities.

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