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Dealing with Sexual Harassment at School

A look at the problem of sexual harassment at school and tips to help you handle it if it happens to you.
Sexual Harassment & Teens: The Butt Remark Dilemma
Important information for teens about sexual harassment. By Kristy Castora of teenwire.com
Sexual Harrassment at School
A look at the problem of sexual harassment at school with links to general information about laws and your rights. What do you do if this happens to you?
Stalked?? How to Tell... What to Do...
How do you know when you're just suffering from unwanted attention or if you're actually being stalked? What should you do if you are being stalked? Solid answers to tough questions.
Bullying and Sexual Harassment in Schools
From the Committee for Children. A detailed look at the problem of Sexual Harassment at school and what kids can do to combat it.
Dealing With Sexual Harassment
An excellent look at the problem of sexual harassment, the way victims feel and the things you can do to stop it. Easy to read and understand. From Women's Crisis Support.
Flirting or Hurting?
A detailed look at sexual harassment in schools with video lessons and information for students and teachers. From WGBH Educational Foundation.
Sexual Harassment State Hotlines
These groups and agencies deal with sexual harassment in school settings. Search by state or contact one of the National Hotlines. From Feminist 911.
Examples of Sexual Harassment
A list of common behavious that are actually sexual harassment and a discussion about your legal rights and remedies. From the Feminist Majority Movement.
Sexual Harassment in Schools
An answer to the question, "What constitutes sexual harassment in an educational setting?" with a list comparing the difference between flirting and harassment. A must see page for all teens.
Facts About Sexual Harassment
From the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A look at the laws about sexual harassment and the rights of students under those laws. Explained in plain language.
Sexual Harassment: When Coaches Cross the Line
By Dana Hudepohl for JUMP magazine. A look at the problem of coaches molesting their players and how the teen victims feel before and after the harassment starts.
U.S. Department of Education Sexual Harassment Guidance
The official stand of the DOE on sexual harassment with the rights of students and the responsibilities of the schools clearly defined.
Preventing Sexual Harassment
From the City University of New York. An interactive look at Sexual Harassment and what you need to do to protect yourself and your friends.
Sexual Harassment at School
From the Learning Network. A look at what parents and teens need to know about sexual harassmentat school. Written by Kim DeAndrade.
Sexual Harassment Quiz
Take this quiz to see if you understand what sexual harassment is and how you can protect yourself and exercise your rights. From WGBH Educational Foundation.

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