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Being Sexually Active - Having Sex

Essential information for sexually active teens.
How to Use a Condom
It is a safer sex must, but how do you put the darn thig on? A look at condoms and how to use them correctly.
How to Know if You are Ready for Sex
Are you ready for sex? Let our step by step how to help you decide. From the Teen Advice Guide.
Before You Decide to Have Sex
Eight important things every teen must consider before becoming sexually active. From the emmotional aftermath to birth control and STD protection, we outline the most important things you need to know.
Quiz: Are you ready for sex?
A three part quiz to help you decide if you are really ready for sex, or just under pressure to "give it up."
Sex Essentials for Teens
Whether you are sexually active or not, knowing the facts about what sex is, and what it is not, is very important. Teen Advice lists all the things teens should know about sex, including a "must have" checklist for sexually active teens.
Your Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered
Answers to your silliest, most embarassing questions about sex.
At what age is it legal to have sex?
A look at the age of consent as it applies to teen sex; are you having sex legally?
Teen Life Q&A: The Limits of Statutory Rape
What is the statute of limitations on statutory rape? Can anybody charge you?
Sex: the First Time
All you need to know about the first time, including how to talk to your parents and how to tell if you are as ready as you think.
Sex Laws & Teens
A look at the age of consent as it applies to teen sex - are you having sex legally? Includes a state by state chart of the age of consent and description of "illegal" activities.
Emergency Contraception: the Morning After Pill
When contraception fails, you should know your options. Good advice on what you can and can't do with emergency contraception.
First Time Sex 101
What to expect the first time you have sex, how to make it work for you and your partner, and more.
HIV Transmission
The real deal on how AIDS and HIV are contracted and passed on. For starters - teens CAN get it! No rhetoric, no lies.
The Ups & Downs of Using Condoms
A real look at condoms, what is great about them and why they sometimes aren't enough.
Teens & AIDS
Keep yourself safe, know the dangers and risks you could be exposed to.

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