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Advice from Teens About Their First Big Moments


During your teenage years you'll probably experience a lot of big "firsts," like your first serious relationship and your first part-time job.  Firsts can be scary.  See how those big moments went for other teens: what mistakes they made, what they'd do differently if they could do it all over again.  And if you've gone through any of them yourself, share your own advice.

Your First Kiss

Teenage couple (16-18) kissing by wall
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Every first kiss is special (or funny, or horrifying) in its own way.  See what it was like for other folks to lock lips for the first time, and if you're lucky enough to have gotten your first kiss, share your own story.

Your First Job

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Looking for your first part-time job, or just want to see how your job stacks up against other teens' jobs?  See what it's like out there in the world of part-time jobs, and then share your own experience in the working world.

Your First Experience with Peer Pressure

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Peer pressure is no joke - in fact, it happens everywhere in the lives of teens.  Find out where teens are finding peer pressure and how they're dealing with it. 

Your First Day of High School

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Not sure what to expect from your first day of high school?  Get some tips from teens who survived their first days as high school freshmen.

Your First Love

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Some teenage love stories are romantic, and others are lessons in what not to do when you fall in love.  See how these teens dealt with their first love and what they learned from it.  And if you've ever fallen in love, come add your love story to the list.

Your First Breakup

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Trying to survive a breakup, or thinking your own relationship might be ending?  Get a little guidance and inspiration from the stories of other people's first breakups, whether they were dumped or they did the dumping themselves.

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