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Frequently Asked Question lists and one on one advice on questions YOU asked.
Your FAQs on the Age of Consent
A full 30% of all of your emails to Teen Advice are about the Age of Consent, so we decided to highlight 18 of the most common questions that you have asked over the years.
Your FAQs on Kissing
In our continuing effort to answer the questions YOU want answered the most we bring you the first Teen Life FAQ of 2003 - Your Kissing & Making Out FAQs.
Your FAQs about Teen Sex & Pregnancy
Questions about sex, pregnancy and pregnancy related issues flood the Teen Advice mailbox each week, so we decided to highlight 27 of the most common questions you ask in this Teen Life Q&A Special Feature.
Your FAQs about Peer Pressure
Peer pressure haunts everyone; but not all peer pressure is bad. Just how can you tell when to give in and when to get out? We have the answers in this FAQ of your most asked questions on the topic of peer pressure.
Your FAQs on Teen Suicide
Suicide is among the leading cause of death in teens so it is no wonder that we get lots of email about the subject. You have important questions and we give you answers in this FAQ on the topic of teen suicide.
Your FAQs on Drugs & Alcohol
Teen Advice answers your six most asked questions about drugs, alchohol and tobacco. Which is more harmful, what about the law, what are "gateway drugs", what are the known health risks, and more.
Your FAQs about Teen Advice
Your most frequently asked questions about this site and what we do for teens. Find out the Teen Advice philosophy, how to get a site listed, and how to get one-to-one advice.
Your FAQs on Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Teens
We asked Jean-Pierre LeBlanc, Product Formulator for Saje Essentials, 10 questions about teens and aromatherapy. Here's what he had to say.

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