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Virginity - Fact and Fiction

Abstinence is a good choice, in fact, most teens are still virgins no matter what they may say.
Losing It: When is Virginity Gone?
A look at the technical definition of virginity and a proposal for a more adequate definition. What kind of sexual activity counts and what is just "fooling around"?
Let's Talk About Sex the First Time
The decision to have sex should not be taken lightly. Read up on the truth about the first time and take a quiz to decide if you are really ready. If you aren't, that is fine!
How To Reject Someone Nicely
Rejecting someone's advances can be awkward, here's a "how to" to help you do it while still saving face.
How To Say NO to Sex
A simple step by step "how to" on saying no to sex.
Teen Virginity an International Comparison
From By Girls, For Girls. A look at the global statistics on teen sexuality and how attitudes differ across cultures and countries.
Pink Slip on Virginty
From Pink Slip by Scarlett Teen. A detailed look at what virginty is and what being sexually active means.
Abstinence Pledge Card
Sign a pledge card to stay a virgin, take an abstinence survey and find out why more and more teens are choosing virginity over sex.
Virginity in Vogue
An article that looks at the re-emergence of virginty as trendy.
Virginity: A Very Personal Decision
From Kids Health. A look at the decision making side of virginty and why saving it is just as much a choice as giving it away.
What If I'm A Virgin?
A great article that addresses virginity with great dignity. What makes you a virgin, why it is worth the wait, and what you can do to stay abstinent when faced with pressure, are all discussed.

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