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What is Love? Am I "In Love"?

Answers to common questions about love.
Quiz: Am I In Love?
Everybody feels it and everybody wonders how to tell if it is real - LOVE. Are you really in love? Is your steady in love with you? Take our quiz to get a clue.
Q&A: Am I In Love?
It is a very common question, "How can I tell I'm in love?", but it is not an easy question to answer. We help unravel the mystery in this Q&A.
Info Sheet About Love
A top ten list of quick facts on Love. An essential list for any teen who thinks they may be in love.
Info Sheet on Trust
Trust is an essential part of being in love. Without trust you can't really have love. A quick list of things that make and break trust.
How Do I Make Him Love Me?
What can you do to make someone love you? Is it possbile to force love? An answer to this tough question.
How To Know If Someone Likes You
A simple how to on knowing if someone likes you. Tips and pointers to help you figure out if love is in the cards.
How To Show Someone You're Interested
A simple how to on showing someone you're interested. Tips to help you let on that you are interested in a relationship.
How To Know When It's Love
A simple how to help you figure out if you are really in love.
How To Reject Someone Nicely
You know you are not in love, but the other person is clearly smitten. What do you do? Tips to help you let them down easy.
My Story: Teen Love IS True Love
A first person feature by Mandy Pandy, a 16 year old girl who believes that first love can be the real deal. Read her story and find out why the common belief that teens are too young to know what real love is only sells real relationships short.
Love is Blind but Parent's Aren't
A look at the reasons why parents object to the people you date with tips to help you decide if it is really love or just rebellion.
Summer Loving: It's A Fling Thing!
Why do summer love affairs seem so intense? Are they the real deal or part of a romantic fantasy. A critical look at summer love.
You Said It: Teens on Love
Quotables on love from Teen Advice Forum users. Find out what your peers have to say about love.

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