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What Puberty Changes Everyone Can Expect


Like it or not, everyone has to go through a period of rapid growth called puberty - girls and guys alike. What are the changes in girls during puberty, and what's puberty for boys like? Get all the answers here. (It'll probably be a lot faster than looking in the mirror and waiting it out.)

1. Puberty: Girls

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The changes in girls during puberty can be scary if you don't know what to expect, but the important thing to remember is that every single girl experiences puberty - so you're far from being alone.

2. Puberty: Boys

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Male puberty shares some similarities with female puberty but not everything. All guys grow at their own pace, so if you haven't gone through as many puberty changes as the guys around you, just be patient.

3. Puberty Changes in Boys and Girls

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There's a number of changes that happen during puberty that everyone experiences, no matter if you're a guy or girl.  Zits, hair and stinky armpits - how lucky for all of us!  Thankfully, there are ways to deal with and minimize all of puberty's worst surprises.

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