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My Mom Ruined Things With My Ex-Boyfriend!


My Mom Ruined Things With My Ex-Boyfriend!

Your mom's probably better at giving advice than you give her credit for.

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Question: My Mom Ruined Things With My Ex-Boyfriend!
My boyfriend broke up with me because he was too stressed with school. I still like him and want to get back together. On our school ski trip, we had fun together the first day, but the next day he was distant and cold. Then he posted on Facebook about how he missed having a girlfriend, and I thought maybe it might be about me.

My mom told me to tell him my feelings. I did, and he responded that he wasn't interested. Now I'm so angry with my mom and refuse to talk to her about boys. She's sorry, but I can't get past it. What do I do now??
Answer: I'm really sorry to hear that you're not talking to your mom about guys anymore. I hope you'll still talk to me when I tell you I would've given you the exact same advice.

The fact is, your ex-boyfriend was being wishy-washy. He broke up with you, then he was close to you, then he was distant, then he got all emo on Facebook. What's a girl to make of all of those mixed signals? There's only one thing you could've done without driving yourself crazy, and that was straight-up telling him how you felt.

There weren't any magic words that would've gotten him to change his mind. Talking to him didn't ruin anything - it just got you your answer sooner (which is a good thing).

Now that you know how he feels, it's time to start getting over him. It'll be hard, but this article about how to get over an ex might help.

And please, please forgive your mom. Her advice was fine, so quit blaming her for your ex-boyfriend feels.


Note: this was a real question that a real person emailed to me! (It's been edited a little for the purposes of this article.) If you want to ask me and the rest of the Teen Advice community your own question, come visit the Teen Advice forum.
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