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Fathers' Day Gift Ideas for Teens

Inexpensive Fathers' Day Presents that Your Dad Will Love


Love your dad, but not loving the idea of having to buy him a Fathers' Day gift? Relax - finding him the perfect present isn't as hard as you think. All of the Fathers' Day gift ideas on this list are inexpensive (or even free) and come from the heart instead of the department store men's section.

1. Breakfast in Bed

This Fathers' Day, give your dad the gift of sleeping in and eating in his pajamas. These breakfast recipes are easy to make and sure to impress your dad:

2. Homemade Coupons

For a Fathers' Day gift that's totally free (and totally appreciated), fill a jar with coupons that say things like, "One free car wash" and "One free hour of silence." Make the coupons yourself out of construction paper, or print out some of these pre-made Father's Day Coupons.

3. Mix CD

If your dad loves music, make him a special Fathers' Day Mix: burn a CD with his favorite songs and some other tunes you think he'll like. Decorate the case with family photos and a "Happy Fathers' Day" message. If you're not sure what songs your dad likes, build a playlist with some songs about dads.

4. Fathers' Day Poem

For another totally free, totally special Fathers' Day present, write your dad a poem about how much you appreciate him.  Don't worry about writing a masterpiece - just focus on the sentiment.  To make it extra-special, set it to the lyrics of a song he likes and sing it to him.

5. "Gift Certificate" for a Day Out with Dad

Dads love to share their passions with their kids...even when they're passionate about stuff their kids could care less about.  Make your dad a gift certificate promising to do something he likes to do for one afternoon, like fishing, learning to play his favorite sport or building something in the tool shed.  The less interest in the activity you normally show, the more touched he'll be. 

6. Movie Night

If you've got a little more money to spend, take your dad out to the movies. Use Fandango to buy advance tickets to a movie you know he wants to see. Once you're there, buy all the concessions, and afterwards, share some ice cream or coffee and chat about the movie (and anything else he wants to talk about).  You might be dropping some cash, but the present you're really giving him is bonding time.

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