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Reader Stories: My First Breakup


Trying to survive a breakup, or thinking your own relationship might be ending? Get a little guidance and inspiration from the stories of other people's first breakups, whether they were dumped or they did the dumping themselves.

"He Told Me He Wanted to Be Single"

Well, I started thinking of all the things Sam did that I didn't like. For instance, he would make plans with me in advance and that day he would call me and ask to reschedule because he wanted to ha…More

"He was Using Me to Fool Around"

Even though I broke up with him, the breakup was hard. Mainly, it was bad timing: a day before valentine's day and a week before turnabout (of which I'd already asked him) we tried "being friends" fo…More

"He Asked Me if We were Gonna Have to Break Up"

The way I got over the breakup was that I had to remain thinking about new friends and new people and keep the bad breakup outta my head. I had to pretend that we were just friends the whole time. It…More

"He Completely Cut Himself Out of My Life"

A week after the breakup, he completely cut himself out of my life and has ignored me ever since. To get over it, I cried whenever I felt like I needed to. I called anyone and everyone that I could t…More

"We Would Argue About the Stupidest Things"

It was SOSOSO hard for me. I literally was in hysterics for about a week. It was the beginning of summer, also...so I'd be sitting at home, thinking about him and it was bad. It's been almost a year …More

"I Found Out He was Messing Around with Other Girls"

I really haven't. I see him every day and I miss us. We still talk and he's talked about getting back together. We still fight and flirt and joke. But he's very touchy about everything. I don't think…More

"I Told Him I Gave Him Too Many Chances"

I tried moving on and kept telling myself that it was the right decision. The worst thing you can do is second guess yourself. I told myself that things were going to get better and with time they ev…More

"He Started Avoiding Me, Like I Didn't Exist"

At first I listened to sad "breakup" songs. A favorite was "Last to Know" by Three Days Grace (it was appropriate for the occasion) It took me a long time before I stopped thinking about it constantl…More

"He'd Tell Me I was a Horrible Person"

I'm still learning how to get over it. It's hard. He was my first. He still wants to hang out with me secretly on weekends but otherwise he is HORRIBLY mean to me. He says terrible things to me to pu…More

"Our Breakup was Really Nasty"

I'm still not fully over it. But it gets easier. I have friends to help me smile, I'm a cheerleader, so my cheerleading friends make my day a little brighter. I am an Honor student, so I really focus…More

"Why Would They Do This to Me?"

To be real honest I can't get over him. He was my first love who ever said I love you. But I doubt if that was the truth. Now that he and my best friend go out, I feel nothing but pain in my body. I …More

"He Confessed He Had Feelings for My Best Friend"

In all honesty, I didn't. This all happened in the summer before our Senior Year of high school and my best friend and I single-handedly split up our cheerleading team because of it. The problem has …More

"He Didn't Answer Any of My Calls"

I began to sneak out to see him, I had to; that was the only way. We also began to have sex: everywhere!!! I became so emotionally attached that I couldn't bear the thought to give him up, it went de…More

"We were Holding Onto Something That Wasn't There"

One day everyone's doubts got to me and I asked him if he really had feelings for someone else. He admitted that he did, proving everyone right... I still loved him enough to try to fix it. I moved b…More

"She Had Been Acting Weird for a Few Days"

I know that, in the interim, we did have something pretty special going, because she told me that she wouldn't have put me through all the stress, only to end it because of someone else, and I believ…More

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