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"He Told Me He Wanted to Be Single"

Share Your Story: My First Breakup

By Gabbi Pericle

How Long Had You Been Dating Before the Breakup?

a little more than 1 month

Who Broke Up with Whom?

I broke up with him

How Did the Breakup Go Down?

About a week before my senior prom, he told me he wanted to be single. I simply asked if we could wait until after prom though(I did NOT want to breakup). We made that last week count and then two days after prom, I met him at an ice cream parlor, and I ended it. I was really nice about it and he was relieved he didn't have to do it. I said "Sam, I know you want to break up but since you haven't done it yet, I will." He told me I was making it easier for him and he still wanted to hang out. I told him our differences were ruining our relationship and since he wasn't willing to change and I was, it was over.

How Did You Get Over the Breakup?

Well, I started thinking of all the things Sam did that I didn't like. For instance, he would make plans with me in advance and that day he would call me and ask to reschedule because he wanted to hang out with his guy friends. It was rude because it would leave me hanging. He did a lot more to make me not like him. The ultimate way I got over him though was I starte thinking about me. I always thought about him. I did so much for him. I stopped my workout routine because I was always with him. I got back into the swing of things I used to do when I was single. It took a good month to get over him. I thought about him ALOT. More than I should have. I talked about Same ALOT too. I felt pathetic. I would read his formspring and facebook, but then I deactiviated my facebook and promised my best friend I would not text him. It was hard, but it gets easier.

Lessons Learned

  • I would definately...
  • have wanted him to take me out on dates since he never did
  • talked more about our interests
  • waited longer to date... we met and three weeks later we were together
  • not driven to go see him everyday... that killed our interest for eachother
  • given him more space... i was obssessed with seeing him, being around him, and talking to him
  • Lastly, I wish I would have known the differences we shared. We had huge differences and that's where we went wrong. He would have rather hung out with his friends than me, his girlfriend, at the time.

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