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Reader Stories: My First Kiss


Every first kiss is special (or funny, or horrifying) in its own way. See what it was like for other folks to lock lips for the first time, and if you're lucky enough to have gotten your first kiss, share your own story.

First Kiss with Her Ex-Boyfriend After School

We were outside on the bus ramp. I wasn't in the best mood (I was upset with him). He grabbed my arm before I got in my bus, looked at me dead in my eyes with tears, looked at me said I love you fore…More

First Kiss After Getting a Romantic Gift

When I first started middle school, I went to this 6th grade orientation. This boy Chris was passing notes to me and kept on flirting with me. He passed me a note saying would you go out with me. So …More

First Kiss in the Woods at a Bonfire

We were both invited to my other friend's bonfire, and we sat next to each other on logs. After everyone had eaten their dinner he grasped my hand and and led me trailing into the trees. When he stop…More

First Kiss in the Teachers' Lounge

It was during spring break and we were playing hide and seek with some friends. I was the one who was looking for people. I found Giovanni and his friend Derrick first so they had to help me find the…More

First Kiss During National Soccer Tryouts

Every year there's a national team tryout for the UK. When I went to the first tryout I made the district pool and was very pleased with myself. When I was walking over to the car I saw this girl tha…More

First Kiss in the Park with the New Australian Kid

There was this guy who moved to our town from Australia and he was really cute. Our teacher assigned us as partners for a project so we started to get to know each other. We became really good friend…More

First Kiss & an Accidental Noise Popped Out

He was in the kitchen. He's only 14 and he can cook! And I was on the couch watching tv, but not really paying attention, and I told him I didn't know how to work his remote. He came over to see it, …More

First Kiss on the Curb When She was 3 or 4

We were talking about what we were gonna be when we where grown-ups, and he said he wanted to marry me when we get older then he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and then ran away from…More

First Kiss with Her Gay Friend While Playing Dares

Me and five of my friends were at the park and because we were bored we decided to play dare. Our group is a pretty mixed bunch 3 girls, one of which is bi and 3 boys, one is straight, one is bi and …More

First Kiss with Her Boyfriend at the Movies

My boyfriend and I had been planning to kiss for a while because we had never kissed each other before. So were sitting next to each other at the movies and my friends were a couple of rows down. I t…More

First Kiss at the High School Football Game

We were at the high school football game on Friday. It was at the very end and I had to go so me and my best guy friend were leaving. we were almost out of the gate and all of a sudden my boyfriend c…More

First Kiss While Walking Home in the Rain

After school it was raining and I walked home because I like the rain...the guy I've liked for a longggg time came next to me and we started walking he said he'll walk me to my house and I said ok...…More

First Kiss on a Balcony Overlooking NYC

Me and my best girl friend have known each other since we were 3. Last year she told me she had to move from the UK to NYC because her dad had a new job... The weeks leading up to her leaving I hung …More

Romantic First Kiss on the Soccer Field at Night

My boyfriend has 2 younger sisters and 1 older brother so their house is kinda hectic. One night we went to the park so we could be alone with no distractions, we walked since it was only 5 minutes a…More

Last-Minute First Kiss While on Vacation

June 2010Well it was my 1st boyfriend. I had butterflies in my stomach, and we would talk all day and night on the phone. I'm the youngest of 5 so my mom was also kind of nervous for me to be kissed.…More

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