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How to Kiss Like in

Awkward First Kiss in a Tree

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Sofia

What Age were You?

13 almost 14

What Kind of Kiss was It?

awkward but cute xD

Who and Where?

My crush, in a tree.

How Did it Happen?

My first kiss was so awkward but cute... I had to leave the country the next day and I was with the guy I really liked for like a year, I just never knew he liked me until that day, we were talking about how he was going to miss me when I was gone. It was night, and we were in the park, it was full moon and he told me he needed to do something. He walked away and told me to close my eyes... I was so nervous cause I thought it would be a kiss, while I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt his lips touching mine and I just stood there like I didn't know what was going on. The same situation happened for the next 40 seconds and he tried to use his tongue but I just didn't respond, when I felt really awkward and I pushed him away. After that night he told me he wanted to kiss me again, but I didn't want to love him more than what I did in that moment since I was going to miss him more when I was gone. I guess the moment was perfect, I just didn't know what to do. That kiss made me strong for the next 6 months to wait for him, but it just didn't work.


  • try to react in the moment, if you don't you wont feel the love.
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