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How to Kiss Like in

Diana's Smooth First Kiss

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Diana

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?


Who and Where?

Joel, at my frandz party.

How Did it Happen?

I was at the party you know?

havin fun, so I got bored and I wanted to have a little fun.

So I put on the song "Lip Gloss" by Lil Mama and I made him come and dance with me. I had never met him before. He was too cute though. Come on, I just HAD to dance with him. So we danced and boy got moves, he was close. And after the dance. He kinda started to pull me away to go outside but there were people out there so it was kinda weird. When his mom had arrived to pick him up to leave, we hugged about 3 times before he left. I got his # too XD haha

So on the last hug, when we were at the steps..in front of everybody, he slipped in the kiss so slick I had no time to think.

We both knew we wanted to kiss. But he did it so fast and smoothly. Just a hugg - sike nawh, cuhm hurr.

He wrapped his hands around my waist. Hugged close & just turned his head and kissed me.

Boy knew how to use his tongue.

It lasted about 5 seconds. Felt lyke a loooong time though.

He was just having a ball exploring my mouth. Can't say I didn't enjoy it either.

His lips soft. It was the best. To this day, no one has beat him yet.

Everyone was staring like, wow.

It was surprising to all of us but it was yummy too.

I was wondering, was I good? Terrible? but he seemed to push 4 more so I take it I was OK.


  • Don't be nervous. Have confidence in yourself.
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