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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss During "Seven Minutes in Heaven"

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Sophia

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

Full on makeout, pile of clothes kind of thing.

Who and Where?

Crush's house, his bedroom

How Did it Happen?

My friend Susie and I went to my crush's house for his party. While we were there, there were bunches of party games. My friend wanted to play seven minutes in heaven, so we both went. We played it this way: all the guys were assigned numbers and the numbers were put in a hat. When a girl picked a number out of the hat, they were blindfolded and pushed into my crush's (Jacob's) room. The guys saw what number it was and the guy who was assigned the number went inside after them, locked the door and did whatever they wanted with the girl for seven-ten minutes. The blind fold could be taken off whenever.

So I was the second one to go, and I pulled out number one. I was thrown into the room by my friend after she tied my blindfold on real tight. After I heard the door lock behind me I felt arms around my waist. His hands were slowly making their way to my hands. When they got there he held them up and away from the blindfold. Then he leaned me up against the wall and kissed me before I could get out a word. I could tell right away by the way his hands felt they were my crush's. He pulled off my blindfold. He moved his hands down to my hips around my back. I put my arms around his neck and we kissed passionately, tongue and all. Before I knew it, My shirt was pulled off along with my bra. I was topless. I grabbed his belt loop and unfastened his pants. I yanked his shirt as well, while he was working on my booty shorts.

Then we heard *30 seconds* which sounded like my friend. We skedaddled into our clothes without thinking. I finished adjusting my shirt when the door blew open.

My crush doesn't think anything of it now.

It was a big mistake.


  • I wish I hadn't played that game.
  • It felt good in the moment, but it was worthless.
  • I got over my crush very quickly because of it.
  • I wish it would have happened with someone I was in a long relationship with.
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