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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss While Playing Truth or Dare

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

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What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

lip 2 lip

Who and Where?

Jacossee..and just gonna say d...

How Did it Happen?

I went with my sister and her friendz to their pool. We were there 4 a while. I don't really talk much butt they really liked me...I know because my sister told me! But I really wasn't into them at first. But a few weeks after, I was...here's how it went. My sister decided to play truth or dare. At first I was like no no bcuz I knew what that meant in boyz mindz. But a few minutes later I decided I was gonna get the courage to play!! So a few turns later someone dared me 2 kiss him. He looked at me with his brown eyes that could look inside of u and got up and I put my hand on his cheek. He leaned in and gave the most memorable kiss I think I have ever had...that was a really good kiss! But it wasn't how I wanted it...


  • Make sure ur first kiss is how u want it. After this kiss u mite stop being nervous maybe. In my case after my first makeout...just make it memorable!! And when ur mad, sad, embarrassed, just think about the kiss and the moment...your first perfect kiss..and if ur first one isn't ur favorite, then think of ur perfect kiss...if u haven't kissed someone yet that's okay. My cuzin didn't get her first kiss till she was 15. So whenever ur ready and the moment is something u will wanna remember, go 4 it...
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