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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss at the Homecoming Dance

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Lynn

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

Soft; Gentle

Who and Where?

Friend of a friend, who I was getting to know. In my school's gymnasium during the Homecoming Dance

How Did it Happen?

Background Story: So my friend always talked about her upper class man friend and I always just nodded and smiled because she obviously liked him. When we entered High School I finally met him.

The Other Guy: I was "dating" another guy when I first met him. I thought I like the person I was "dating" but quickly found out other wise. You see, we were talked on FaceBook a couple times but they were short awkward conversations. Until one night, I don't know what happened, we just 'broke the ice' and talked for hours into the night about everything.

The Awkward Conversation: We were asking each other awkward/personal questions on FaceBook one night and he asked if I have ever been kissed, I replied 'Unfortunately, no....' And he said: "...I can fix that.." And I immediately blushed and said "..." and he laughed at me.

The 'Breakup': So to make a long story short I broke things off between and my almost boyfriend. None of my friends understood why. In short: I was getting feelings for a guy I have only seen in person twice other than the guy I who my best friend growing up...like a backwards clique love story, I know!

The Dance: Me and this guy talked about Homecoming only once and we came to the conclusion that since we couldn't find anyone else we would be each others dancing buddy. It took me three hours to get ready, re-doing my make up twice an chewing a pack of gum every minute. When we finally made it to the school, I was ready to turn around and just leave. I was so nervous! We met when my friends and I left the bathroom and my face went deep red. For the first thirty minutes I couldn't look at his face (which was kind of a problem since they were all slow songs!) He said to me: "Don't worry I'm not going to kiss you.." My head went lower and he took that opportunity to kiss my cheek. After a while I looked up and realized: I want to kiss him. The song You and Me began to play and through the course of the song our heads got closer until the final chorus play and he finally closed the gap between us and my heart jumped out of my chest. We have been dating for two months now :)


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