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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss by a Bus Stop in the Rain

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Johanna

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

Spontaneous, surprising and very sweet.

Who and Where?

It was the first time I met this guy, 'cause we had only talked online before, but this was the first time we met. He's now my boyfriend, so I suppose he was my soon-to-be boyfriend. And it was by a bus stop. Romantic, I know. But at least the rain was there! (I find kisses in the rain super-romantic.)

How Did it Happen?

As I said before, we had only talked online before, but now we met and we had spent about an hour walking around, having lunch and then we ended up in a park. We sat there for a while, he played with my hair, and he used the excuse "you've got leaves in your hair", which I obviously didn't have... and then I had to go to the bus stop because I knew the bus would come in less than ten minutes.

By the bus stop, he started to walk away from me, and I thought; "what a jerk, isn't he even going to say goodbye?" but then he turned around and told me to come closer. And I did, and then he told me to close my eyes. And then, I felt a light kiss on my lips. He asked if that was too much, but I was too stunned to say otherwise, so I said no. And then he said; "so we can do it again?" and this time, we kissed for real, tongue and all.


  • I wouldn't think that much, just let go and enjoy the moment.
  • But other than that; I wouldn't change a thing. It was amazing.
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