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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss in her Room at Night

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Lucy

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  • What Age were You?


    What Kind of Kiss was It?


    Who and Where?

    my first real boyfriend who was in yr 8 and I was in yr 6 but he was only 1 yr older than me. We went on the same bus. He came over to my house.

    How Did it Happen?

    At night we were in my room and he was too embarrassed to ask, so he wrote down on a bit of paper, 'maybe we should kiss...' He was sitting on a mattress on the floor and I was sitting on my bed. I read the note, reached out and took his hand, then led him up onto my bed. We sat next to each to other's backs leaning against the wall. I took a while to compose myself, cos it was my first kiss and I had been dreaming about my first kiss for ages. He'd already kissed a couple of other times. I leaned in to kiss him but then chickened out and put my head on his shoulder. Then I tried to be brave and went for it again, and we kissed. It was soft and sweet and perfect.


    • Don't be afraid to kiss someone, but if it's your first kiss try and kiss someone with experience so they can lead you and make it romantic not awkward.
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