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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss in the Parking Lot of the Movie Theater

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Sugarr Bearr

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?


Who and Where?

My best friend's cousin that I also used to talk to, and had not seen in a year.

How Did it Happen?

All of us went to the movies. It was me, my best friend, her cousin (the guy I kissed), and his cousin. We were sitting on the floor outside the movie laughing and and having fun. It was almost time for the movie theater to close, so an employee told us we had to move. So we got up and went outside and walked around in the parking lot, still laughing and having fun. My best friend had been wanting us to kiss the whole time but I guess we were both scared. Finally we went far out into the parking lot, and me and him stood across from each other and put our hands on each other's shoulders. We got close and just started kissing. He put his tongue in my mouth and at first I was like omg what do I do. Then I put mine in his and we were just kissing. I'll Never Forget It. Me and Him Still Talk Now. That was 2 years ago (: . ♥


  • Make sure you know what kind of kiss you're going to do. Haha.
  • Make It Memorable (:
  • Now I'm used to kissing him, and we kiss all the time. We've done just about every kind of kiss you can think of. We kissed so long one day both of our lips were swollen. He likes to bite so I had terrible bite marks on my lips which are still there today (: .I've given him a hickey on his arm and cheek haha. I Love Him So Much.
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