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First Kiss in the YMCA Locker Room

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Sydney

What Age were You?

5 or 6

What Kind of Kiss was It?

long peck

Who and Where?

He was Irish and we both went to the YMCA together. We kissed on a bench in the locker room.

How Did it Happen?

Before the kiss we were just talking about random things I don't really remember, but he was the first one to lean in for the kiss. Weeks after, his mom invited me and my mom to a diner for lunch and said that they were moving back to Ireland. After that I never saw him again =[


  • First kisses are special and if I had to do it over again, the kiss would've lasted longer.
  • If I ever go to Ireland someday I will hopefully find the boy who gave me my first kiss <3

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