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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss on a Horse

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Claire

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?


Who and Where?

My current boyfriend (We just hit the 2 year mark!) on a horse.

How Did it Happen?

We are both horseback riders and do gaming races together, so one day we were out practicing together and we were cantering on the same horse (I was in the saddle and he was behind arms around my waist). Since we were really good friends that secretly liked each other, we stayed like this and went out on a trail. While we were crossing a wide creek he reached over and pulled on the reins making the horse stop, that made me turn around and look at him. Just like that he kissed me. After about 20 seconds my horse began to walk causing it to end. I thought it was perfect and I always wished he liked me back, turns out he was listening to my conversation with my horse and found out.


  • It was really out of nowhere and that made me like him even more.
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