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How to Kiss Like in

First Kiss on a Train Home from London

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By candice

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

My first, it was wonderful

Who and Where?

A guy from work, on a train on the way home from London

How Did it Happen?

We weren't seeing each other, but I really liked him and knew he probably really liked me seeing as he had just spent £150 on a train ticket to come to London with me when he didn't have to. So we were cuddling on the train home, he had his arm round me and kept tickling me. Then we were holding hands and he lifted it up and bit my arm (doesn't sound romantic I know!) it left a mark and sort of hurt so I told him! He said he was sorry and kissed the mark. Then I looked at him and he looked at me. It sort of all happened in slow motion and we kissed, first it was just a quick peck on the lips. Then I looked at him again and he kissed this time for longer and using tongues etc. It was the best first kiss I could imagine, it continued for the whole journey home and for several years later!


  • Don't plan it, it will come along when you least expect it and when you aren't looking for it, and if the person who is about to kiss you is experience everything will fall into place, and it will be fine, if its the boy's first kiss too then it doesn't matter what happens because you will both be as nervous as each other!
  • Make sure you are ready and want to do it!
  • Don't be drunk
  • BE SOBER it makes it so much more special
  • Make sure its with a person you really like and they really like you back.
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