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How to Kiss Like in

Grant's Romantic First Kiss

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Grant

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

It was a slow, lingering kiss. Very sweet, and a great first kiss.

Who and Where?

It was in a little hallway at the bottom of a stairway in a building.

How Did it Happen?

I had left early, and my girlfriend was with me, so was her friend. We were waiting for her friend to come down, and I was holding her against me waiting. Her friend saw us, and thought we had spent the time kissing. We took that as a chance, and my girlfriend grinned a little at me, and then we kissed. It was very slow motion, and was gentle and sweet. I'm still with her today!


  • Be alone. It was a bit of a damper being watched by my girlfriend's friend, but only slightly.
  • Take it slow. We moved in slowly, and it was completely amazing.
  • Don't force your tongue in. When we tried French-kissing for the first time, I gently nudged hers with mine, and pulled back to see if she was okay with it. She was. Just take everything slowly.
  • Enjoy it! Don't be nervous, just relax, let everything happen naturally.
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