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Meaningless First Kiss Backstage

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By dreamer

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?


Who and Where?

There was a boy two years younger (but much taller) than me who asked me to homecoming. I had never had any sort of a relationship with a boy before so I was looking forward to a fling to get it all over with. All my friends were theatre people so close physical contact was nothing odd. We were all sitting together backstage before a show and I was especially close to this certain boy...

How Did it Happen?

He was nervous to go onstage, and being older I felt like I was always comforting him. So my instinct was to kiss him-even though I had never done anything like that before. So I just leaned in and did it. In a room full of people mind you. I blushed and had a moment where I just sat there in disbelief. The next day, I remember writing in my journal, "I don't remember kissing him but I do remember thinking, 'I can't believe I just kissed him.' I didn't really feel anything, just my lips pressed against his."


  • Don't rush it, I felt like such a loser being 17 and never kissed, and still a lot of people don't know it took so long, but now, I think I would have rather waited for something special.
  • Even if you do it just to get it over with, as I did, don't let it rule your life. Don't regret anything: now you will know what it's like for when you do share that special kiss.
  • It'll happen, don't worry.
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