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How to Kiss Like in

Romantic First Kiss with His Best Friend

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Jake

What Age were You?

14, and she was 15

What Kind of Kiss was It?

Passionate, tongue-less, about 10 seconds

Who and Where?

My long-term best friend, in a nearby park in the evening.

How Did it Happen?

Just as friends, we went to the movies together. She had been my best friend for about 3 years and we had gotten extremely close, in terms of hugging, saying "I love you", and even one time sleeping with our arms around each other. But we kept all that as friends and never talked about becoming a couple, mostly because I was paranoid and really didn't want to lose this amazing friendship.

That turned around when she had left on vacation for 3 weeks, and as I missed her incontrollably I knew I had fallen in love, and I couldn't help it. I hoped something would happen that evening.

We watched Valentine's Day at the movie theatre, occasionally holding hands casually. Near the end, where the idea of marrying or coupling your best friend was mentioned, I blushed and felt awkward, and when I looked at her, she did too.

That was the first signal.

On the way out, we talked about my transition into high school: I was a year younger, so she was already at the school I was entering. We talked about our nervousness and hoped we can be happy together as well as possible. We were holding hands and walking towards the park. I squeezed her hand at some point, and as she squeezed it back she glanced at me and smiled serenely. We sat down on the bench and talked a little longer, until at some point I said "Well, we might go through some tough things, but it's just all part of life, you know? It all comes down to how we deal with it."

At that point the conversation ended, and nighttime was here. The park we sat in was peaceful, and I felt in my gut that it was time. All or nothing.

I was unbearably nervous. I very slowly leaned in towards her, and after about a second, she did the same and smiled. As our lips met, I placed one hand around her waist, and I kissed her for about ten seconds. We kept our mouths slightly open and kissed passionately. Neither of us are physically outgoing, so we didn't use any tongue. But the silence and beauty of the night made that kiss between us so serene and passionate.

We pulled away and smiled, and waited with my arm around hers for my father to pick us up.

Since then, we consider ourselves a couple. But we don't go on crazy dates and spend alot of money on each other: we stay true to our deep friendship as well. But kissing her is something I really had looked forward to, and I'm endlessly relieved we still can today.


  • Stay calm and serene, no matter how awfully nervous you might be.
  • Wait for the right time, the right moment, the right sentence to say before being ready to show someone you love them.
  • Find out how to read someone's body language: that's what helped me recognize signals.
  • The perfect moment is the only thing you can't look up on the internet. To make your first kiss as beatiful as possible, you have to recognize that special moment yourself.
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