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How to Kiss Like in

Steamy First Kiss in the Rain

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By shaney

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

Hot Steamy French Kiss In The RAIN

Who and Where?

It was with my best friend. We knew each other for 6 years. He knows all my likes and dislikes and I get him and accept him better than any one else. We fell out of touch, we weren't seeing each other as much as we used to but we talked all night on the phone about 3 times a week catching up. We wanted to hang out and there was a park near our old school so we went there. I spent ages trying to look good and apparently so did he. When we saw each other it was like sparks flew.

How Did it Happen?

We were telling cheezy jokes and eating gummy bears having fun like we use to; he was going to ask me something and it started to rain. I have an addiction with the rain, I love to get wet and wild. I started undressing into my bra and underwear. He didn't want to at first but then he got into it and he in his boxers. We ran out in the rain and played on the slides and swings. We were having fun but I wanted to take a step further. I pushed him down, started to run and said catch me if u can. We were running all about in the park and he couldn't catch me. He disappeared and jumped out from behind a tree and tackled me. I don't go down without a fight. Now we rolling all over the place trying to pin down each other, he gave up and said u win, I'm sitting on top of him, I leaned in and whispered [what are u goin to do now]. He as swiftly as possible somehow threw me off of him and is now on top of me and he said {this} he kissed me, then I rolled on top of him, then he on top of me and so we went until the rain stopped. I can truly say that I had the best first kiss in the whole world. We put on dry clothes and wrapped ourselves up in the picnic blanket and snuggled and watched the sun set over the horizon.


  • Your first kiss should be with someone special, not just someone u like.
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