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How to Kiss Like in

Sweet First Kiss at the Movies on Valentine's Day

Share Your Story: My First Kiss

By Karibu

What Age were You?


What Kind of Kiss was It?

beyond words (:

Who and Where?

I'd met one of my close guy friends about a year prior, at an overnight class trip. As soon as I met him, we had instant chemistry. Problem was, he was already with one of my best girl friends, while I had just broken up with one of his best friends. Complicated, no?

Well, time passed. Grad... summer... high school... Christmas... and then January. We stayed in touch, and hung out often. Gosh, I liked him. By the end of the month, we confessed that we both liked each other. We didn't date, but we called it "being in love." We weren't bf & gf, but he called us lovers.

How Did it Happen?

We agreed to go the movies with a few friends, the day before Valentine's Day. The night before, he had asked me to be his valentine, and of course I agreed.

Before the movie I had gotten into an argument with a friend, and my guy thought it was somehow his fault, and apologized for coming. I told him I was happy to have him there, and I kissed his cheek for the first time. He gave me the biggest, sweetest smile.

Throughout the movie, "Valentine's Day," he would lean over, say I love you so much, and kiss my cheek. Eventually, his arm was around me, and my head rested against his shoulder. Then when Ashton Kutcher was about to kiss Jennifer Garner, he leaned down towards me, said "I love you", and kissed me. It wasn't long, but it was definitely sweet. It was...beyond words ♥

Yeah, we made out for the rest of the movie .

He was my sunshine, my lover, one of my closest friends. But somewhere along the way, we lost each other. I haven't seen him in over three months, let alone spoken to him. I doubt we're even friends anymore. I've been asked if I still like him, if I still love him. Truth be told, I don't. He seems different from the boy who kissed me all the months ago. So really, I'm not in love with the boy he is now.

I'm in love with the boy he used to be.


  • Actually, I wouldn't have changed anything. That one moment was absolutely perfect.
  • Kae, actually, I wished the movie was a lot longer ;)
  • Listen to your heart. Cliche, I know. But it's true.
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