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Reader Stories: My First Love


Some teenage love stories are romantic, and others are lessons in what not to do when you fall in love. See how these teens dealt with their first love and what they learned from it. And if you've ever fallen in love, come add your love story to the list.

"We Broke Up and Got Back Together a Lot"

He was 13 and I was 12. We met on facebook. He asked me out and I said yes but I wasn't really up to it. I grew to love him though, and everything felt plain perfect. I knew I never wanted to lose hi…More

"I Quit My Job Because of Him"

I don't have the confidence to tell him what I feel. Besides, it's forbidden! He's very thoughtful and caring and sweet. He made feel that I'm mature even though he's 9 years older than me. But that …More

"He Made My Heart Hurt So Bad"

June 26th of 2010. Me and Jessie were at our friends house. Jessie knew I liked him a lot and had since 7th grade. All of us were at our friend Kate's house. We were watching movies. It was the begin…More

"My Best Friend Liked Him Too"

My best friend liked him too, and I told her on the bus to a field trip we were going on. She was cool about it at first, but it eventually led to a bit of a fight. However, we both got over it, and …More

"I Regretted Letting Her Go"

It turned out that when I came back in eighth grade that she did like me and we would have went out. She talks about my player friend a lot and makes me sad. I might go to the same high school as her…More

"I Trusted Him More Than Anyone"

After a while, the distance became a hassle and we weren't seeing each other very often. We broke up for a couple of months but it was even harder that way. So we got back together. After a while he …More

"He was the Cutest Guy I'd Ever Seen"

I went to class everyday excited because I wanted to see him. So it turns out my best friend was one of his good friends so one day as I walked to class I saw him & my friend.I kept walking then I he…More

"He Keeps On Trying to Make Me Jealous"

Oscar started acting mean after I showed him I liked him back. He revealed all he had told me of the past was a lie, he had like 9 girls, kissed 3 of them, and hugged all. I was devastated. I still s…More

"I Thought I Would Be Happy Forever"

Oscar started acting mean after I showed him I liked him back. He revealed all he had told me of the past was a lie, he had like 9 girls, kissed 3 of them, and hugged all. I was devastated. I still s…More

"He was My Summer Love"

He moved up near my friend Kaytie, so we hung out for a few days so that we could start a real relationship together. It really started to heat up when we were looking over the Devils Punchbowl, and …More

"It Felt Like Eternal Happiness"

He immediately said no and I told him that we should just act like this never happened but then he said that he never thought of us more than friends and that he would think about it. I thought he wo…More

"At First It was Really Exciting"

We have been in a relationship from November 2010 up to date. We were always talking, telling each other how much we love each other and thinking of the future e.g. how many children one wants and s…More

"We Got Back Together & Kept Breaking Up Again"

We liked each other from when we first met.. but we never got together until 3 years later, and we went to a concert together that's when he finally said he loved me.. We were together for about 7 mo…More

"Everyone Thought We were a Perfect Couple"

He emailed me on Facebook asking was I still with my Ex boyfriend and I said no, he said oh that's good, I laughed and asked how was that good?, He replied because I wanted to ask you something! I wa…More

"He Invited This Chick...I Got Super Jealous and Left"

Anthony and I were very good friends. I was head over heels for him. But he didn't like me back. While sitting in math class freshmen year, we worked on everything together. He was my best friend. We…More

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