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"He's Black and I'm White, and My Father is Racist"

Share Your Story: My First Love

By bridget

Who Was It With?


When Did You Realize It was Love?

When I realized I didn't wanna be anywhere else.

What Did It Feel Like?

It felt great. Like when I woke up in the morning I would just wanna rush over to my phone. And when I'd see him, my heart was going crazy. And every decision I made I would think of him. And I just never wanted things to end. When we'd hug we would literally stand there for 30 minutes just losing track of time. And it was just like such an amazing feeling and power.

What Happened Next?

Of course we loved each other. But he's black and I'm white. And my father is racist. He caught us together one night and won't let me come to his (my dad's) house ever again. So me and Jalen knew we had to break up because he would be going to college in a few months and there was no way to see each other:/

Lessons Learned

  • Don't keep things from your parents like this. Because I fell head over heels for Jalen, and when I got separated from him, I fell hard. I was depressed for over a year and I still get upset on special occasions, like the 4th of July, because one of the first moments of us falling in love was watching the fireworks together and just never being happier in our lives. So basically, nothing I can say will stop you from falling in love. But make sure there's no way that it could potentally end( moving, him having a girlfriend, etc). And if so, back out before you get hurt. Or at least try to.
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