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How to Kiss Like in

"It Felt Like Eternal Happiness"

Share Your Story: My First Love

By Stefs

Who Was It With?


When Did You Realize It was Love?

After a year

What Did It Feel Like?

It felt like eternal happiness. Philip was one of my closest friends and throughout times I would have little crushes on him but they would go away then the next year he got a different look and although I probably liked him because of that he went back to his old dorky looks and yet I still liked him. We would hang out at school and he would always make me laugh. One day I asked my friend if she would ask him about me. He ended up finding out that I liked him and of course I acted stupid about it. So on the back to school night I told him what would you say if I told you that I did like you?

What Happened Next?

He immediately said no and I told him that we should just act like this never happened but then he said that he never thought of us more than friends and that he would think about it. I thought he would say yes since he had already said no. But I was wrong. After that things were awkward but I still liked him through times I would try being just his friend and it made me realize how much I would do for him. One day I looked on his Facebook page and him and this girl were talking bout how they were about to do it but didn't. I felt disgusted. Then I realized that he played with my emotions since he still knew that I liked him. I'm way over him now. I try not to even look at him. But sometimes I wish I could go back to that roller coaster of emotions when I liked him but then I realize my true love is out there waiting for me

Lessons Learned

  • Don't think that it's love just cuz you can't get over them
  • don't go for someone who is willing to do anything (even the most regretful thing like losing their virginity) to build a cool image to make him seem like " the bait "
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