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"It's Like a Dream with All of Your Favorite Things"

Share Your Story: My First Love

By Megan

Who Was It With?

My dad's boss's son

When Did You Realize It was Love?

About halfway into my 7th grade year

What Did It Feel Like?

It was amazing. Its like a dream with all of your favorite things, then you multiply that feeling by 10. It's even better if the feelings are mutual between the two of you.

What Happened Next?

We've been together for almost 9 months. He's my first boyfriend, my first kiss and my first love. Though things were kinda awkward at first (how we hooked up was something that I would like to keep once in a lifetime, because my friends asked him out for me at a football game while I was in the bathroom and I had no idea what they were doing, haha), but things are still going steady between us. Though there's been some good and bad parts in our relationship, we've always come out of it closer than before. If this isn't what love feels like then I doubt I'll come close to anything like it anytime soon.

Lessons Learned

  • When you care about someone enough and if they do something to hurt you once, give them another chance. You'll most likely come out of it stronger than before.
  • It's never bad to constantly remind her/him how much you care about/love them.
  • Always make time for them but don't forget about your friends.
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