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"She Will Never Know How Much I Love Her"

Share Your Story: My First Love

By gaurav thapa magar

Who Was It With?

She waz the most amazing girl I ever saw my heart, Ashwini.

When Did You Realize It was Love?

She waz just my facebook fren. 1st I asked her her number and I called her.

What Did It Feel Like?

It felt like I can do anything 2 see her smiling. We didn't meet regularly but we alwayz had online chats....I love her truly and I am not that good looking but a simple guy with lots of care...I can even sacrifice my life 4 her. It feels like i will only be trying but she will never know how much I luv her

What Happened Next?

As time passed on I got more crazy 4 her. I alwayz try 2 show her my feelings but she neva got 2 understand it. I waz really depressed, I tried 2 share her my secrets n unpack her hidden secrets but she neva had a interest on. I sometimes asked her 4 walk n 4 lunch. All I could do is just 2 try n get hurt coz she neva had something back 4 me like I had 4 her.

Lessons Learned

  • I have nothing more than 2 cry n try. If u luv some1 than better let her know about it rather if u only be their friend. You will die of pain n suffer 4m ur life.
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