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"When I First Saw Him, I Knew He was the One"

Share Your Story: My First Love

By jackie vansickle

Who Was It With?


When Did You Realize It was Love?

When I first saw him I knew that he was the one.

What Did It Feel Like?

I actually felt happy and compassionate about someone.

What Happened Next?

We ended up talking to each other, and then like a month later he asked me out and I said yes. We went out for 3 years, and then this year in 10th grade he broke up with me cuz this other guy was saying that I never liked him and that I said that I wanted to go out with this other guy. And that was so not true.

Lessons Learned

  • not to fall in love with anybody
  • to not get attached to a guy
  • but still I am in love with this boy, I just cannot get over him but for our breakup time it has just been 2 weeks since we broke up.
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