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Reader Stories: What Went Wrong When I Got Drunk


If you drink, you're almost definitely going to do something you regret - especially if you're a teen, because teens are more susceptible to the dangers of binge drinking. If you need some more reasons not to get drunk, see what terrible stuff happened to other teens when they drank too much.

"I've Never Been So Embarrassed"

I was so embarrassed. I couldn't believe what went down the night before. I was totally down on myself. I felt wrong for being so crazy, hurting my friend, and being taken advantage of. I always will…More

"I Took My Pants Off, I Cried for Unknown Reasons"

My friend ditched after we started throwing up. And he left with the typical remark, "you might get lucky tonight dude, two hot drunk girls! have fun! ;)" My best friend was still with us kinda freak…More

"Then the Police Came to the House"

My mates started hating each other, and it caused a strain on everyone's friendships and nearly being caught by the police. It took a while to find out who were friends and who hated each other......…More

"We Used a Condom but the Condom Broke"

My parents were extremely disappointed and angry, I had to face a pregnancy and having the new responsibility of a new child. It's definitely not as easy as it looks. I love my child with all my hear…More

"I Lost a Good Relationship With the Guy I Loved"

Well I lost a good relationship with the guy I really did love, and now we don't even talk to each other unless we're drunk, and not to have sex with ur boyfriend's cousin because they will not get a…More

"I Got Two Assault and Battery Charges"

I got suspended from school for a year. I got two assault and battery charges and I got put on probation and I got locked up at a juvenile detention center and I also got grounded by my parents. And …More

"I Beat That Girl Up Really Bad"

When I got out of the hospital I had to go stay with my aunt Gina for the night till I went to another hospital for help with my anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse. I was charged with a assaul…More

"I Might Have Drowned if My Friend Hadn't Found Me"

I got in a little trouble with my parents because my mom had called a lot of times and I didn't answer. Also, one of my friends had told his parents we were there and he didn't even remember it.It wa…More

"I Made Such a Fool out of Myself"

My mom found out, she got quite mad and she grounded me but she knows I learnt my lesson and I know not to do it again. I wish I was smarter that night, I didn't even eat so my head felt woozy for a …More

"Someone Put Something in my Drink"

I regret going to that party, my mom and my dad were very upset with me. I lied to them and told them I was at a friend's house but my mom called my friend's house and she asked if she could speak to…More

"All the Alcohol Hit Me at Once - it was Game Over"

It turned out to be one of the worst mornings of my life. I struggled remembering things, my head was throbbing, and there were only three other people left at the house. Jenn (Girl I've been in love…More

"I Ended Up Pregnant from a One-Night Stand"

well I think about my little girl every day and wish I could hold her....my life has changed a lot since then...I have had counseling and lots of groups to talk about the feelings of not being with h…More

"I was Lying in the Driveway in My Own Vomit"

Got a bad name for myself as easy, friends were mad with me, low self esteem, felt disgusted in myself, lost my phone, had to explain to parents who were not happy, filthy hangover, pretty much just …More

"My Ex's Mom Must Think I'm a Psycho Nympho"

Alcohol poisoning, the worst hangover of my life, tons of brutal bruises that I got called out on during Thanksgiving dinner and everyone knew what they came from. My ex's mom now must think I'm a ps…More

"I Had Sex and I Couldn't Remember What Had Happened"

My consequences where having a lot of regret the fear of being pregnant or having an STD, AIDS, or HIV. And I also got a nickname from kids I didn't even know. That nickname was BACK WOODS GIRL and i…More

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