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"I Got Two Assault and Battery Charges"

Share Your Story: What Went Wrong When I Got Drunk

By kayla

When Did It Happen?

in February of 2010

Where Did It Happen?

at school

What Had You Been Drinking?


What Went Wrong?

I was sitting in class and this girl was mouthing me, so I got up and fought her and blacked out and hit a teacher. I got two assault and battery charges and now I'm on probation.

What were the Consequences?

I got suspended from school for a year. I got two assault and battery charges and I got put on probation and I got locked up at a juvenile detention center and I also got grounded by my parents. And while I was suspended from school I didn't do any of my homework so I got held back and now I'm far behind in school.

Lessons Learned

  • not to drink and definitely not to drink before school and to not fight.
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