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"I Had Sex and I Couldn't Remember What Had Happened"

Share Your Story: What Went Wrong When I Got Drunk

By Confused but in love

When Did It Happen?

When I spent the night with my boyfriend.

Where Did It Happen?

In the woods after his parents went to sleep.

What Had You Been Drinking?

Beer, Whiskey, Rum, and Moonshine.

What Went Wrong?

I did some stupid things such as having sex with my now X-boyfriend and I couldn't remember what had happened. He and his friends and their girlfriends told me that I had had sex with my boyfriend and that I'm the one who asked for it and wanted it, when I was planning to wait till I was at least 16. Plus I had a headache and I was sick to my stomach.

What were the Consequences?

My consequences where having a lot of regret the fear of being pregnant or having an STD, AIDS, or HIV. And I also got a nickname from kids I didn't even know. That nickname was BACK WOODS GIRL and it was very embarrassing.

Lessons Learned

  • That drinking dose NOT make you cool. It messes with your memory and makes you do things that you cannot ever take back.
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