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"I was Completely Drunk Off My Face"

Share Your Story: What Went Wrong When I Got Drunk

By Beth

When Did It Happen?

June 2010

Where Did It Happen?

A friend's house.

What Had You Been Drinking?

Vodka, beer and wine.

What Went Wrong?

I had never gotten drunk before. I wasn't really thinking. But I went along with a boy and we asked someone to buy us alcohol. I then proceeded to drink a half bottle of vodka, 7 beers and some wine. I was completely drunk off my face. I kissed quite a few boys and made a fool of myself. I wouldn't have done so if sober.

What were the Consequences?

Barely any memory of the night. Sickness, which has put me off for a while and also my parents being mad and disappointed in me, it wasn't worth the hassle and waste of money. Also because I threw up at school the next week a few people were laughing at me.

Lessons Learned

  • Never to drink so much if unsure or pressured.

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