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"Someone Put Something in my Drink"

Share Your Story: What Went Wrong When I Got Drunk

By Aleaha

When Did It Happen?

1 year ago

Where Did It Happen?

it happened at a party

What Had You Been Drinking?

I was drinking Hennessy

What Went Wrong?

Someone had put something in my drink that got me really dizzy and I didn't know what happened,and in the morning when I woke up I was half-dressed. I don't know what happened ever since.

What were the Consequences?

I regret going to that party, my mom and my dad were very upset with me. I lied to them and told them I was at a friend's house but my mom called my friend's house and she asked if she could speak to me but my friend's mom said that we weren't there and that we left.

Lessons Learned

  • I learned NEVER to drink again and go to parties.

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