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Reader Stories: My First Experience with Peer Pressure


Peer pressure is no joke - in fact, it happens everywhere in the lives of teens. Find out where teens are finding peer pressure and how they're dealing with it.

"I Felt That They Would Think I was a Loser"

So the next day, I brought it. She was so thankful and i gave it to her during lunch and didn't know where it was for about half an hour. During that time, she had told many people about it. Eventual…More

"I Lost My Best Friend and He's Never Coming Back"

I freaked out and was really sad because I lost my best friend and he's never coming back. I've also lost all trust and respect from my parents. They will probably never trust me as much as they did,…More

"They Said All 13-Year Olds are Doing It"

I was very sad and very depressed about it. I felt that my body was gross. I hated that my own "best friend" wanted me to do such a thing. I hated my life and I actually turned to cutting myself for …More

"It Made Me Feel Awesome and Bad and I was Hooked"

At the time, I was going through a lot of things. Just the thought of something that could make me happy sounded good. So, I took it. I was on Vicodin, norcos, speed and the worse: Extacy. I took it …More

"She Wanted to Get Drunk, So I Did It With her"

Well, her cousins came in the room and woke us up to smoke our black and mild together. Little did we know that they had themselves basically a back to school bash just like we had done. So I was mad…More

Drinking Wine in a Hotel Room

I gave in after she took another swig straight from the bottle. I just wanted to taste that kind of wine, and we found another bottle and got tipsy...thank goodness we weren't all the way drunk, or o…More

"I Changed My Whole Appearance for Them"

I didn't handle it very well. In the end I gave in and started wearing the clothes they wanted me to and started dressing like them. I changed my whole appearance. It also changed who I was as a pers…More

Smoking Cigarettes Behind the School

I gave in, sadly. I didn't want to but it made me mad that my friend kept it from me. So I was like, whatever, I'll do it. But you know, it wasn't always good when you eventually get addicted to it l…More

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