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"She Wanted to Get Drunk, So I Did It With her"

Share Your Story: My First Experience with Peer Pressure

By kaykie

When Did It Happen?

right before school got back in

Where Did It Happen?

at my friend's house

Who Were You With?

my best friend, her cousin [my ex] and his brother

How Did it Go Down?

It was our last day of summer vacation and my best friend in the whole world, my sister basically, wanted to get drunk. So I decided I would do it with her. Her mother works and doesn't get home until about 12 at night so we were going to have our fun and go to sleep before she got home. I did not know that her cousins were going to spend the night to though. I had just got back together with my ex boyfriend from about a year ago. Her cousin was also my ex. Well my friend and I had got to sleep before her cousins or their parents got to the house.

How Did You Handle It?

Well, her cousins came in the room and woke us up to smoke our black and mild together. Little did we know that they had themselves basically a back to school bash just like we had done. So I was mad at her oldest cousin which was my ex because of some words we had exchanged earlier that week. Long story short, I cheated on my current boyfriend and I felt so bad about it I had to tell him. It hurt him so bad. He loves me so much and I love him so much. At times I hate myself along with my ex for what happened that night. But I am just happy for the fact that he still loves me, even though this has been a really hard thing for us to get past, he is really working hard on it for us. And I never really realized how good of a person he is until now.

Lessons Learned

  • peer pressure can hurt more than just you
  • if you really want to do something, check all the facts and make sure nothing is apt to go wrong, even though it still could.
  • never drink if you are around boys or men other than the person you are dating!
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