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"They Said All 13-Year Olds are Doing It"

Share Your Story: My First Experience with Peer Pressure

By jessica

When Did It Happen?

summer of 2010

Where Did It Happen?

my best friend's bedroom

Who Were You With?

my best friend, a kid I didn't know, and a boy I liked that was my friend.

How Did it Go Down?

The boy that I liked asked me to have sex with him. I said no the 1st time but he just kept asking and the other people around me were saying I should do it. Well when push comes to shove I gave in. I didn't want to but I felt I had to because my friends said it was cool and that all 13 year olds are doing it. I do regret it and I wish to say that they are no longer my friends, but I had sex with that boy and I let people watch. I didn't even have the decency to do it in my own room.

How Did You Handle It?

I was very sad and very depressed about it. I felt that my body was gross. I hated that my own "best friend" wanted me to do such a thing. I hated my life and I actually turned to cutting myself for about 2 weeks. I hated being a boyfriend-less virgin. I felt like I was "EASY" to get in bed. That boy told people about it and I got labeled with a lot of bad names. People kept asking me questions about it and I wanted to just run away and hide from the world. I was so scared that my parents would find out. Now people ask when I get a boyfriend if I'm going to have sex with him or not. I hate that my past was a bad one. I wish I would have said no and left.

Lessons Learned

  • I would go back and tell myself that it's not worth it. I would tell myself to look at all the consequences of what it has done in my life. I would tell my friends that they needed serious help because it's NOT the "COOL" thing to do.
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