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"Need You Now"

Share Your Story: My Favorite Song

By britishgirl18

Song Title

"Need You Now"


Lady Antebellum

How I Discovered It

I heard it on the radio and thought it was such a cute love song about missing someone =)

Why I Love It

The words are about how much the guy misses his ex gf, which is so sweet, and the fact that he loves her and that he hates the fact that he left her. In his mind he wishes that she would call him, and that he really misses her. And it's also about her too, how she misses her ex-boyfriend and that she can't take the fact that they are not talking anymore, and that she want him back in her life.


  • Best time would be if you had a really bad breakup and you still love your ex ,you should listern to it.

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