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Reader Stories: My First Day of High School


Not sure what to expect from your first day of high school? Get some tips from teens who survived their first days as high school freshmen.

"I was So Embarrassed and Had to Ask a Teacher"

Meeting all the new people. I have made friends that I still love and are with every day. We've had our ups and downs but I know we'll always have each other. Things may not always go to plan, my new…More

"I Realized I was in High School"

the best moment of high school was proabbly finding out that my crush David was in my first period and in my lunch and of course my fourth period which was chorus, and I love singing, so I was happy …More

"Sure, I Got Lost a Little"

Well, I found my Young Adult Lit class pretty fast and it was a pretty good class. So far I like it. And I was pretty unhappy that I didn't have friends in many/any of my classes but I went to Scienc…More

"I Shared No Classes with My Closest Friends"

My best moments were when I seemed to get along with a lot of people in my new classes, the people who weren't already my close friends. No one was really annoying. Everyone was pretty friendly actua…More

"My First Day was Great, Actually"

Well skip to the second day.. Met this really cool, outgoing girl and we talk all the time during and after class :) Too bad she's taken lol and im prolly not her type but still shes really fun to ta…More

"My First Day was the Best Ever!"

When this guy that had asked me out in 5th grade (I said no) talked to me and we had a little convo and it was really awesome. I had started liking him when we were talking at a sporting event in Mar…More

"A Lot of People Stepped on My Shoes"

Seeing my old friends again. Some of them I didn't see since elementary. My best friend since 5th grade, he moved to another school district in the 8th and we caught up. We did everything together so…More

"You Have to Grow Up to Survive"

Recieving my planner seemed to make me feel older somehow....Primary school always seemed very simple and childish, whereas in secondary it is way more complex and you have to grow up to survive.Meet…More

"They Said We Were Cute, When I'm Taller Than Most of Them"

Making friends and getting to know people and teachers. Successfully finding my way round was good as well. I must say the best part of the day was at lunchtimes when you got to meet people and hang …More

"I Got Lost in the Hallways & Bumped into the Cute Seniors"

The best moment about my day was that I got to leave, no I'm just playing. The best part about my day was knowing that I can start over. This time, it's gonna be on me and no one else. I know that th…More

"It Doesn't Hurt to Dress Nice on Your First Day"

I made some few friends that I didn't know at all. I guess I dressed nice and some girl that I never met said hi to me in the hallway. Guys, it doesn't hurt to dress nice in first day of high school!…More

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